Tytho Expands its Transfer Pricing Practice with New Partner

We are pleased to announce that Frederik Vinks has joined Tytho as a Transfer Pricing Managing Partner.

Introducing Frederik Vinks
If you know Tytho, you know that we take a unique approach to everything we do. Our combination of subject matter expertise and the right attitude is the source of our success.

“Frederik has solid transfer pricing consulting roots, but has also worked ‘in the trenches’ as a tax director. He understands what today’s issues are, having been at the intersection between finance, business and tax,” says Monica Erasmus-Koen, Transfer Pricing Managing Partner at Tytho.


The future of Transfer Pricing
Vinks joining Tytho is significant in these turbulent times for Transfer Pricing, as Erasmus-Koen explains. “One of the key challenges for tax directors is that processes, data, systems and their hierarchies often do not reflect structures for Transfer Pricing reporting. In other words: compliance. Therefore, everyone in the Tytho Transfer Pricing team has to be someone who not only lives by the same work ethic, but also understands these touchpoints from a transfer pricing and systems perspective to help companies to bridge that gap.”

“Multinational companies need to bring their transfer pricing to the next level ensuring compliance in an efficient and meaningful manner,” says Vinks. “At Tytho I found the dedication and enthusiasm, in combination with the expertise and technology, needed to make a difference and set a new standard in transfer pricing.”


Extending our territory
With Vinks’ addition to the team coming so soon after the opening of our New York office, it is clear that Tytho’s growth is a trend, not a spurt. “Frederik joining Tytho is essential to facilitate further growth, both for our Transfer Pricing practice and the company as a whole,” says Eliza Alberts-Muller, Managing Partner of Tytho global. “It also shows that there is considerable demand for the combination of Indirect Tax and Transfer Pricing expertise in today’s business environment. People like Frederik, who have experience in both consulting and industry, and have expertise in systems, processes and tax, enable us to provide cutting edge tax technology services to our clients.”

We are confident that with the addition of Frederik Vinks, our Transfer Pricing practice will soar to even greater heights.