Tax Technology

We sincerely believe that simplicity works. Simplicity improves performance and increases the agility of the team.

Technology can support complex process and calculations from the following:

  1. Operational Transfer Pricing
  2. Cost pooling & recharging
  3. Country-by-country reporting
  4. Electronic filing
  5. TP Documentation

Our approach is agnostic, the type of software solution you need is the one that fits your specific situation, which is why we work with a number of software providers. Our own tool, TPThings, deals with TP documentation, to learn more watch our introductory video below.

We also offer a more in-depth demonstration which you can find at the end of the page.

TPThings - documentation management solution

Smart Docs One version in the cloud

Digitization of TP documentation and underlying contracts with our document tool, safeguards the use of the correct version and provides huge efficiencies by eliminating repetitive work.


Tailored Workflows

Configuration and set-up of tailor-made workflows to streamline the TP documentation cycle – including notifications and up-to-date view of progress.


Document Repository

Documents are securely stored and filed in a central repository according to tax legalization requirements. Extensive search and filtering capabilities enable auditors to easily trace all documents that contributed to the creation of a relevant TP global or local file.


Modular build up of documents

By creating and using a number of modular templates, TP documents are harmonized in terms of consistency and coherency of the business model. This eliminates copy and paste of different chapters/sections from previous reports to create new reports.


Audit history

Tamper-proof audit trail of tasks, version control, review of changes, and uploaded documents used to prepare or substantiate the relevant TP documentation for a relevant tax year.


Identification & Access Management

The tool provides complete control over clearly divided roles and responsibilities between both the central and local teams, as well as the internal and external teams.


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Inside the TPThings Tool

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