Align business and tax models:

Transfer Pricing implementation can be complex. We believe practical guidance for business people to understand how to comply with a consistent Transfer Pricing profile,
while respecting the everyday business reality.

Explain restructuring and get it to stick:

Perform business restructuring analysis and provide the business with rational, realistic options, Transfer Pricing structuring techniques, and exit valuations, as well as implementing financial reporting and compliance processes.

Dialogue with tax authorities:

Support your dialogue with tax authorities for (B)APAs, innovation box rulings and Transfer Pricing audits.

Reliable financial reporting:

Design and implement workflows between finance and tax departments and depending on the technology readiness of the company (partially or completely) automate the transfer Pricing process from data extraction on a transactional level to reporting and dash-boarding.

TP documentation:

Design and prepare Transfer Pricing documentation and digitize documentation and workflow where necessary.

A Good Parasite Never Kills its Host

Understandably we distrust parasites, after all they benefit from their hosts – not exactly the ideal dinner guest!

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