Time flies

Since 14 January 2011 we’ve added a whole new area of expertise and embarked on new partnerships. We’ve grown a lot, too: our management assistant has to redesign the office on a monthly basis to make room for all those new faces.

It’s been a busy few years. But as you can see, this isn’t a long article. It’s not even a list of highlights (“11 Biggest Milestones for Tytho – You Won’t Believe Number 7!”). So why aren’t we reminiscing?

Simply put: we’ve got news we’re much more excited about.

2016 will mark a big turning point for Tytho, and not just because we’ve made it through those critical first years. So instead of looking back, we’re looking forward – but we can’t tell you what’s on our horizon just yet. All will become clear soon, though. Just keep your eyes peeled, and we’ll keep you updated.