The Tale of Tytho

Tytho began with one mission Tax Automation in the Netherlands, in 2011. Tax Technology and Automation were going to change the landscape of the traditional tax market and Tytho was going to be a part of it.

Tytho serves multinational and Fortune 1000 clients from the start to finish and, in 2015, made a decisive decision to introduce Transfer Pricing, expanding their expertise and offerings with a synergy that benefits their clients. Instead of seeing an obstacle with regards to transactional tax they saw an opportunity. It is their vision that has allowed Tytho to grow with locations in New York, in 2015, and London, in the start of 2016; once again strengthening their presence as a Tax Automation solution provider for existing and future clients.

Tytho values enthusiasm and flexibility, while being detail-orientated in their offerings, it’s their adaptability to the market that has spurred their prosperous growth. Endeavoring to be the Tax Automation partner of choice for multinationals, their high-performance culture put’s their clients ahead of the herd. Tytho continues to deliver top tax expertise and the best innovative Tax Automation solutions. Tytho: your partner in Tax Automation.


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