Nothing is what it seems!

Update: We received a lot of ahhh’s, so cute on our recent announcement that Tytho was expecting. Yes we were waiting for the new one in the family to arrive. In all honesty it is not a cub nor a youngster, it hit the ground running!

Nothing is what it seems…..


Transfer pricing has gotten a bad reputation in recent years, with frustrated governments working public sentiment to help push for global International tax reform. Multinational companies and transfer pricing advisors have been viewed as opportunistic feeders; creatures that prowl the night.

The BEPS initiative hopes to bring tax out of the dark. Although unintended, it’s unavoidable that the BEPS initiative will increase the workload of tax and finance functions, and those companies who lag behind the herd will find themselves in a disadvantageous position.

The tax journey of the future requires automation, whether it involves digital workflows, modular transfer pricing documentation, or financial tools for profitability tracking and transfer pricing accounting. This is where Tytho comes in. When it comes to automating your taxes, we cannot make it sexy, but we can make it work.

By combining transfer pricing and indirect tax expertise, Tytho simplifies the solution. We get it right the first time, and we don’t leave anything behind for the scavengers.

If you want to have a conversation on the changing world we are in, or if you want to know more on this unique combination, get in touch with me or my colleagues. We won’t bite…