Frequently, we get asked if we provide training’s on SAP in relation to VAT. Yes, we do. Please find below an outline of suggestions for an agenda, this can be fully altered to your needs. This agenda gives an overview on all relevant VAT topics within SAP for people with a Tax law or VAT accounting background. This training will enable people to navigate through the system, increase awareness of system behavior, run reports, take the first steps in VAT analysis of SAP transactions & ultimately being more in control.

We know that your VAT compliance team is overloaded and under pressure. To get the best learning experience and enable people to practice what they have learned in the first session we normally have 2 sessions of 4 hours, to provide you with the insight you have been looking for regarding SAP and VAT.

Background on SAP & Tax

  • Tax procedures
  • Tax codes
  • Tax GL accounts
  • Plants abroad (only tax procedures & tax reporting country)

Relevant Master data (SD)

  • Customer Master (Incl. tax destination country)
  • Material Master
  • Condition records

Standard SAP SD how is tax determined, simple flows?

  • Sales organization
  • Plant country (tax departure country)
  • Pricing & Access sequence
Custom Training

A case study of a custom training workshop provided to a client.

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Reporting and other items

  • Plants abroad
  • Currencies
  • VAT return
  • Intrastat
  • Auditing SAF-T, Self Billing, Consignment, Transfer of own Goods


Standard SAP SD how is tax determined, some complex flows?

  • Sales organization
  • Plant country (tax departure country)
  • Pricing & Access sequence
  • Invoice layout

We encourage interactive sessions and therefore we always include 1 hour for questions or additional explanations per training session. We provide the training sessions face-to-face, via Webex or even a combination of the two. Contact us if you want to know more or just want to schedule this training for your team. Depending on the size of the group we will provide 1 or 2 trainers, many of them have been in industry so they understand your daily challenges.

Tytho does not provide any Indirect Tax advice or formal opinions on any Indirect tax or Intrastat matter.

  • Can I make specific topic requests?

    Yes, if you provide us with 3 to 5 VAT scenario’s that you would like to have covered, we will have a look if we have our system configured in such a way this can be shown. You can think about – non-resident to resident sales, ABC supplies or high sea sales etc. If a certain flow is not possible due to our SAP system setup we will let you know in advance. Furthermore, if we have not covered a certain topic in which you have an interest please let us know and we will try to accommodate that.

  • What is the training fee?

    The fee for this specialized VAT & SAP training, provided via a presentation and our SAP demo system, would be 3.000,- Euro and includes up to 6 participants. Any changes in the agenda, the structure or the number of people can have an impact on this fee.

  • Does this fee cover all costs?

    Our fee is exclusive of travel, accommodation or other expenses incurred for the assignment and exclusive of VAT.

  • Does the training cover various regions and countries?

    This particular training is mainly developed for European operations, export, imports and high sea sales are covered. If you are looking for a training on your operations in other regions like USA (Sales & Use Tax) e.g. Canada (Goods and Services tax) or VAT/GST in Asia or Latin America, please contact us.

  • We use a Tax Engine like ONESOURCE or Vertex can we follow the training?

    A big part of this training will be applicable, however, the training as described above would not do the SAP – VAT & Tax engine setup justice. We would like to offer you a SAP with Vertex or a SAP with ONESOURCE training, if you want to know more please reach out to us.

  • How far in advance should I book the training session?

    Please book a training 1 to 2 months in advance.

  • Is there a sequel to this training?

    We would love to create one for you, contact us to let us know what you are looking for.

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