We have a support organization setup for you. When your organization does not have the right resources in place or there is not a full-time position that would justify hiring a tax technology expert, we are there to help you. We provide various support models from short-term to long-term. Level 2 to Level 4 support, if we have implemented the solution we provide support on all systems in scope, if we have not implemented the solution our support is limited to Indirect Tax determination within SAP, Vertex O series (accelerator) and ONESOURCE Indirect tax determination.

All normal types of support can be provided:

  • Information requests (request for information, usually a “How to”)
  • Problems (relates to an unknown error in the system, for which a workaround is provided. Investigating and solving root causes)
  • Change requests (longer term, applicable when something will have to work differently or new functionality is required)
  • Small projects (project type of activities will be agreed with client and executed accordingly)
  • Standby services (when work is performed on main systems and one or more consultants are on standby)
  • Pro active Support (pro active support activities are undertaking periodical performance checks)
  • Incidents (when something suddenly does not operate as intended)

We measure and agree on response times, number of tickets, frequency of tickets, we track issue resolution time and we can be available 24/7 to ensure we can service all your locations. We evaluate the agreed terms on a regular basis as well as the execution at both sides.

Our skilled consultants can offer you support to guide you to up to 100% compliance. Schedule a meeting to discuss your specific needs and requirements. Or simply get in touch and we’ll see how we can help you.

*Note: We have included a date field so that we can take your preferred schedule into account, however, this is subject to availability