We provide our clients with advice on Tax Automation and Tax Technology. We cover any ERP system and partner with the markets trusted Tax Technology vendors. We are vendor and solution agnostic and simply want you to be satisfied, in control, empowered and ready for the future with a sustainable solution.

Indirect Tax is a transaction tax, it touches on many of the modules in your ERP and is woven into your entire supply chain and finance. It is important to involve tax as early as possible in the project. This will ensure tax does not become a roadblock at the end, and can act as a strong business partner who facilitates this change. Knowing and understanding the capabilities of the various systems combined with global Indirect Tax expertise is paramount, no matter if you implement, determination, reporting, compliance or analytical tools.

VAT & Systems Health-checks

Together with you and your colleagues, we will investigate how your main business flows are reflected in your system. We will provide you with practical information on the root causes of your issues, and provide you with high level conceptual designs on how to improve it. You can use this as the start of your business case, and we can assist you in completing it.

Vendor/Solution Selection

What is the golden bullet? Which solution is the best in the market and the most cost effective. There is no such thing as one size fits all. Depending on your size, your company’s IT landscape, your supply chain setup, your M&A strategy; your centralized or decentralized tax and or finance teams, the right solution is out there. Dare to be bold, challenge and research. Do not expect us to give you the answer, we will make sure we give you the questions.

If you are looking for a determination solution within SAP, we are in a unique position that we can assist you with this journey. We have a fully functional SAP system, which is in the process of being linked to Vertex Accelerator, it is already linked to ONESOURCE Global Next and Tytho ITL determination is also fully operational. For other ERP’s or transactional systems like (Oracle, Netsuite, Infor M3, Microsoft AX, etc) our experts would work with your IT team to help evaluate potential designs and together we can provide the insights needed for selecting the right solution.

We are an official SAP, Vertex, ONESOURCE, Avalara and Sovos partner and our international team has many years of experience with these solutions. Our people are located all over the world to ensure sustainable global Tax Automation solutions are built for our clients.

Vendor Selection

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Tax Automation services

Our services can take place within your ERP system, your trading system or other systems like P2P invoice management systems, notwithstanding the tax engine’s or other tax technology tools.

Our projects

  • Could be small, for example, you want to switch on Plants Abroad in SAP and you want us to validate your approach – read on
  • Could be large, for example, the follow up from a health-check and-or a vendor selection, the actual implementation of the solution you have selected within your organization
  • Could be everything in between.

These projects are executed according to your own or our project methodology, they relate to Indirect Tax determination and/or Indirect Tax reporting and compliance. Ensuring you get it right from the start is what we strive for, and what will help you in the new world where increased transparency at the moment of the transaction is becoming the new standard.

Interim Services

Your organization is going through a major ERP or business transformation and you need extra specialists who have been there before and can work with your team to achieve the goals you have set.

We do not provide any Indirect Tax advice or provide formal opinions on any (indirect) tax or intrastat matter. We would like to work on this with your in-house or external advisor, and if you are on the lookout for one, we can bring you in touch with firms who love to help you out on this.

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