Custom Training

The Client

The client is a worldwide supplier of agricultural products with operations across 4 continents, serving a global customer base in 25 countries. The company has a turnover of approximately 3 billion EUR, and employs approximately 9.500 people.


The Situation

The client’s tax and IT departments were experiencing difficulties with the integration of ONESOURCE Determination, and requested a user training to better understand how tax decisions are made in the engine, how to resolve tax issues, and to better understand tax drivers. It was the intention of the Global Indirect Tax Director that the team would be able to better communicate tax requirements with their development team, in order to foster more efficient resolution of tax errors and holds within their SAP system.


The Challenge

For Tytho, the challenge always lies in creating a clear understanding of the client’s needs, so that we may best meet them. These needs must be considered from different perspectives, namely; corporate leadership, IT, and tax management.

Our training coordinators and experts sat with the Tax & Finance team to hear their open issues and determine their chief concerns. This was critical to ensure that the training would provide the greatest reach and retention. As with any project, we had several conversations prior to the training day to clearly define the client’s needs; particular areas of concern regarding their implementation, cornerstone cases that should be addressed, and other important business requirements.


The Solution

Tytho provided a one day training, on site, that covered both ONESOURCE Indirect Tax Determination and ONESOURCE “Global Next” Integration for SAP, based on the presenter’s expert product knowledge and the client’s needs.

A couple weeks after the training, our experts once again met with the team to answer any further questions and provide more information about questions which were asked during the session.


The Results

The client was highly satisfied with the value of the training delivered. The company’s EMEA VAT Manager had this to say; “our European Team was struggling to understand our ONESOURCE Determination solution as implemented, and we wanted to better understand how the interface with SAP works. We requested a training on both from Tytho. The training that Tytho provided exceeded our expectations, and will facilitate communication with our ONESOURCE consultants for more efficient incident resolution.”


More Information

If you are interested in receiving some training on your current system, VAT, or any of our products, please contact us to begin the conversation!