Indirect Tax Consultant

Please note: This is only an EXAMPLE of a position we frequently post.

Our consultants would never describe themselves as ‘typical Indirect Tax consultants’. It simply doesn’t cover their skills and responsibilities. What sets Tytho apart is their experience with ERP systems such as SAP, which they often gained by chance as VAT experts in project teams.

About the role

As a Tytho consultant, you use this combination of Tax and IT expertise in one or more international project teams. Through collaboration you create an automated VAT determination solution for multinational clients with complex supply chains.

In this role you work together with several disciplines within a company, such as Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Customer Services or Sales. You need to understand what is actually happening in the business and define the VAT impact. As an Indirect Tax Consultant you are the link between the business, the Indirect Tax Managers and the people who are actually submitting the VAT returns. This means that you translate the business requirements into what needs to be done from a systems perspective in order to be VAT-compliant.

Our clients’ goal is to be hands-off in control. Your job is to make that happen!


  • Team member in global Tax Automation projects;
  • Subject Matter Expert on VAT compliance/determination enquiries including:
    • Investigation of country-specific Indirect Tax requirements;
    • Design of functional specifications of the local Indirect Tax requirements together with the ERP team;
    • VAT returns, Intrastat, ESLs, import declarations;
  • Advising clients on best practice ERP solutions with respect to global VAT functionality;
  • Staying up to date on the latest solutions available in the market with respect to VAT compliance automation and data analytics;
  • Assisting in the configuration of Tax Automation software solutions.

Candidate profile

  • Knowledge of European VAT principles and VAT compliance;
  • Between two to five years’ relevant (VAT compliance) experience;
  • Experience working with SAP;
  • Degree in Fiscal Economics/Law or Accounting;
  • Fluent in English;
  • Proactive and a team player;
  • Accurate and able to meet tight deadlines;
  • Strong communicative skills and flexibility.

Company profile

At Tytho, we strive to challenge and stimulate each other, as well as encouraging people to take on new tasks. For example, we regularly schedule knowledge sharing sessions with both client-specific and general focuses, on new software releases and the sharing of best practices. We welcome input on topics for these sessions, and work on connecting Consultants to Subject Matter Experts within our network.

Furthermore, you will have the opportunity to work within Tytho’s SAP environment, gaining practical experience and testing your own solutions. As a team member on our global projects, you will be exposed to a great variety of (organizational) cultures, disciplines and professionals. Tytho celebrates its belief in a good work/life balance. We believe in working hard, until it’s time to play. Even though a lot of your work will be done from your home office, you will always enjoy the feeling of support and friendship that comes along with being part of a tight-knit team. We actively seek out opportunities to gather as a team, and always welcome a visit to our office in Rotterdam!


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