Bridging the gap between IT, Business & Tax

Bridging the gap between IT, Business & Tax

Bridging the gap between IT, Business & Tax

Passionate Indirect Tax, Transfer Pricing and IT Professionals who can help you manage risks and streamline your business and IT processes.

We are dedicated to finding the right processes and technological solutions to help our clients stay in control of their Indirect Taxes and Transfer Pricing. Tytho acts as a linchpin, communicating with each part of your business to align your interests and keep everybody moving in the right direction. We assemble our project teams from our growing network of consultants to meet your specific needs. Our experts bring knowledge of the law and passion for technology to everything we do.

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Tytho aims to be the tax automation partner of choice for multinationals. Through our high performance culture we are able to put our customers ahead of the herd and reach their business goals: we deliver top tax expertise and the best innovative tax automation solutions. Together we embrace the future.

Challenge assumption

The changing world leads us to question everything around us, even our own bias.

Innovate as a lifestyle

Our drive to innovate pushes us to explore new territories and challenge the unknown.

The devil is in the details

Small details can have a big impact on projects. Focus ensures success.

No fun no glory

There is more room for excellence if you have fun along the way.

The hub

Tytho speaks all the languages of your business, and translates where needed.

Live by our code

Say what you mean, mean what you say, and treat each other with respect.

Tytho management

  • Eliza Alberts – Muller

    Managing Partner, Indirect tax

    A pragmatic, knowledgeable individual who is able to guide clients to the solution that fits their individual requirements, from both a practical and legal perspective. Her strength is her ability to bring VAT closer to an organization, doing so by creating awareness, providing training, giving guidance, and developing procedures. Eliza is the ultimate business partner.

  • Martijn van Hoof

    Managing Partner, Indirect tax

    Key strength: an in-depth SAP R/3 knowledge and comprehensive understanding of EU VAT regulations. He also has a clear vision on SAP R/3 implementations in complex supply chains, whilst being fully tax compliant. The combination of his commercial insight and his extensive industry experience is second to none.

  • Susanne de Nooijer - Kouwenhoven

    Managing Partner, Indirect tax

    A pioneer in the area of Tax Automation’with one of Sabrix’ first major roll-outs in Europe under her belt. With her 15+ years of experience, of which 8+ are in Tax Automation, she has profound and in-depth knowledge of VAT, Sabrix, Oracle, and SAP, thus making her indispensable on any Tax Automation project.

  • Monica Erasmus

    Managing Partner, Transfer Pricing

    Extensive experience in multi-competency teams on transformation projects, responsible for the design and implementation of the integrated Tax/TP solutions with the business/finance and ERP solutions.

  • Martine Severijnen-Muntenaar

    Managing Director, The Netherlands

    An experienced Financial, Accounting and Delivery Manager whose practically-oriented systematic approach results in completely goals in an effective and direct way - always finish what you start!

  • Jason Atchison

    Managing Director, United States of America

    We are at the heart of driving indirect tax and transfer pricing automation for large multinational corporations, and a US presence makes it much more convenient to do business with our clients - we are bringing our expertise directly to their doorstep.

  • Fahad Bin Nadeem

    Managing Director, United Kingdom

    A Tax Automation Solution Architect who is very comfortable with upgrades, new environment setup and running/completing the project life cycles. His excellent VAT knowledge was gained through internal training's, seminars and working in Tax engine projects, in both functional and technical areas for more than 7 years. He has a profound knowledge of Java, Oracle, business processes, supply chains, web applications, SAP basis, reporting, and databases.

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